Friday, 17 June 2016

    Tiiria was awarded the Principal's certificate at this Friday's assembly.


  1. Hi Tiiria
    I am pleased that you have a Principals award. You must be working hard in your class and doing the right things at school.Well done keep working hard . I will keep looking at your class blog to see what else you are doing.
    Bye for now Mrs Ritchie

  2. Hello Room 0. My name is Mitchell at Paihia School from Room 7. Your blog is very fascinating and since you’re learning about the letter Qq here are a few more words for you, question, quote, quake and good job on getting the principal's award Tiria. Kind Regards Mitchell. If you want to see our blog here is the link

  3. Hi Tiria and my name is Summah and I go to Kawakawa primary. Congrats on getting the Principal's certificate.What is the Principal's certificate for?Hope to see more:)

  4. Hello I'm Denym at Ohaeawai School in Room 2 and I think that's really really really cool because you won a certificate.