Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Science (sunflowers)


Our sunflowers FINALLY have flowers. We planted our sunflowers on the first week of school. It has taken them 8 weeks to bloom.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Science (Praying Mantis)

We have had three praying mantises in our class for a few weeks. We had to find our what they eat. They only eat live insects (flies, moths, caterpillars, locusts and some other types of insects).
BUT last week and this week one praying mantis ate the other praying mantis. We learnt that the female praying mantises eat the male praying mantises.


I like the praying mantis because it ate the other praying mantis.
By Aayush

I like praying mantises because they eat flies.
By Hunter
The girl praying mantis ate the boys.
By Ilha
I think the stick praying mantis got eaten by the green praying mantis.
By Reign
The praying mantis is scary because it ate the brown one.
By Ohana

Monday, 4 March 2019

Te Awa's Assembly

On Friday Te Awa hosted our School Assembly. I was VERY impressed with how brave our students were at speaking to such a big audience. 
We showed our Science work about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly and the growth of the sunflowers we planted on the first day of school. 
We also showed our Maths work about repeating patterns (Algebra).
Ohana, Hunter, Kaura and Nikau read their writing about Monarch butterflies. Vanya form Te Ngahere helped.
 We showed our butterfly art.
Phoenix said "Teachers, can we please have the junior certificates." Dalton from Te Ngahere helped him.
Kaura said "Teachers, can we please have the senior certificates." 
 We showed our sunflower art.