Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Physical Ed (cricket)


Yesterday Paul came to our School to teach us about playing cricket. We learnt how to throw, catch and play cricket games. It was lots of fun.

 Yesterday we played cricket. I liked it because it was fun. 
By Hunter

 Yesterday we played cricket. I can play cricket. By Cora-Rose

 Yesterday all of us went to cricket and we could catch.
By Christina
 I caught the ball.
By Reign

Yesterday we played cricket. It was fun. I liked catching the ball and playing the game.
By Ilha



 Yesterday we played cricket. I played cricket. I had fun and I could throw the ball.
By Litia
I can catch. I like catching.
By Linkin
Yesterday we played cricket and we caught the ball.
By Aria
Yesterday I played cricket. I like cricket. It was fun.
By Dallas

 Yesterday we played cricket. I can catch a ball and I can chuck a ball.
By Jayden

Yesterday we played cricket. I like cricket because I like rolling the ball.
By George

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tsunami Writing

Tsunami Practise
Today we had a tsunami practise at Paihia School. We had to walk up a very big hill.
                            Reign, Dallas, George, Anaya
                            Litia, Aria, Michael, Hunter
                           Litia, Jayden, Aria, Cora-Rose

All of us went up the mountain. We pretended we had a tsunami.
By Christina

We went up the hill. I liked going up the hill. It was fun.
By Ilha

I like going on the hill.
By Matiu

We went up the hill so the tsunami can't get us.
By Cooper

I liked walking up the hill.
By Hunter

We went to a big hill in case there was a tsunami. I had fun. I like the big hill, it was fun.
By Litia

We went up a big hill because we had a tsunami practise. I liked it. It was great fun.
By Jayden

I went up the hill. I liked going up the hill because I like hills. I've got a hill at my home and it's too steep for my little bike.
By Dallas