Friday, 17 June 2016

Matariki Whanau Day 2016

On Friday the 10th of June we had a Matariki Whanau day at Paihia School. In Room Zero we used harakeke to weave, ate waffles for breakfast, watched Matariki stories on our active board, made Matariki star art (with crayon, dye and glitter) and made duck Quackers with flax. Thank you to all of our Whanau for their help on the day and our Whaea Nancy for her weaving lessons. Please check out our slide show below.

I like Matariki because there are lots of stars. I ate waffles and popcorn and we watched Matariki stories on you tube. Our weaving was before that.
By Noah

I was sad when I was at Matariki. Because I am always tired on long days. We ate ham sandwiches, I love ham sandwiches.
By Te Hauata

I like Matariki because my Mum Kerry came to school. I was happy when Mum came, she told me. The kai was yum. I liked the raisins.
By Tiiria

I like popcorn. I ate popcorn, it was yum.
By Palin

I like waffles. I like Matariki because I liked the stars. I liked eating kai and I like making stars.
By Mikaira

I love waffles.
By Anika

I was happy when I was weaving. It was easy. I was weaving with Miss Simmonds. We learned about the Matariki stars.
By Shivam

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