Friday, 31 August 2018


Grandma's Vase

Aria, Litia and Jayden read the book "Grandma's vase". It is about a Grandma and her granddaughter making a vase using an empty can.  We made vases after we read our book.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

ART (painting fruit)

Because we are learning about healthy eating, we painted fruit when it was cut in half. We looked at the patterns and colours we saw.
George, Litia and Michael.

Cooper, Maya (From Te Tahuna class), George, Litia.

Michael, Yazmine (from Te Tahuna class), Anaya, Ayanda, Jayden.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Creating (making play dough)

We have decided we need to have play dough again in Te Awa. Last time we had play dough it kept falling onto our carpet.  So this time Miss Simmonds is going to get some lino or a mat to go under our play dough table (any donations of old lino or mats would be greatly appreciated).
We will use our play dough to "create". It will help us learn to recognise and write words.


Anaya, Aria

Dallas, Karaitiana



Friday, 3 August 2018

Health: Learning about healthy drinks.

Healthy Drinks

This week Whaea Gina came to school to teach us about what drinks we should have all the time (water and milk), sometimes (fruit drinks and powerade) and not very often at all (coca- cola and other fizzy drinks). 
We looked at how much sugar was in each drink.
Drink Every day.

                                                           Drink Sometimes.

                                                   Drink not very often.
                  This bottle of coca-cola has 16 tea spoons of sugar in it.

Here is our writing.

I like water. by Anaya

I like milk. by Cooper

Water is good for you. by Wynton

Water is good to drink. by Karaitiana

Coca-cola is not healthy for you. by Jayden

Coca-cola is not healthy. by Aria

I like coke, but it's not good for you. by Dallas

I don't like coca-cola. by Litia

I like water because it is yum. by Michael

Coca-cola is not good for you. by George

I like coca-cola, but it's not healthy. by Freedom

I don't like coca-cola. by Linkin