Friday, 8 November 2019

Flotilla Trip

Early this morning we walked to Waitangi to see the flotilla celebrations. This was to commemorate two hundred and fifty years since the Endeviour arrived in New Zealand.

 Alex,Tu-Kotahi, Elias, Phoenix, Matiu


 Olivia, Sophie, Steven R


 The Flotilla on Waitangi Beach

 Elias and Brody

 The crew from the ships

 The dignitaries and Mrs Jenny Shipley

 Miss Simmonds say her friend who is a Policeman, he was wearing a different uniform.

 Sophie, Olivia, Maritina

 Pippa, Amaira and Sophie

 Storm, Phoenix and Matiu

 Alex and Brody

 Pam, Karceya, Maritina and Elias

 Storm on our walk back to School.

 Matiu was our walking leader.

Te Maunga class walked back with us.

When we got back to school we had an ice block to cool us down.

 Pippa and Brody

 Pippa, Brody and Sophie

 Matiu, Tu-Kotahi and Storm

 A.J, Elias, Phoenix and Alex

 Amaira, Olivia, Karceya, A.J, Elias



Here are our stories about today:

I liked the boats because they were the coolest. That's why I went to Waitangi beach.
By Karcceya

They were doing the haka and it was fun to watch. 
By Phoenix

I saw the largest waka boat first.
By Steven R

I liked the boats come in and I liked it and I enjoyed it and I saw many different kinds of boats.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Opening our big classroom doors.

Because the weather has been so lovely and warm, we decided to open up our big doors. We just needed a bit or C.R.C and help from Ricardo our caretaker. 
Pam read some of our students a story on the bean bags.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


We have been learning about gardening. We have planted tomatoes, sunflowers, parsley, flowers, silver beat and sunflowers. Here are our photos and some writing.
 Phoenix holding our tomato plants.


 Stephen Fox digging a hole for the plants.

 We have flowers, carrots and tomatoes in our garden.
By Karceya
I went gardening to plant some tomatoes.
By Sophie

Friday, 18 October 2019

Learning about the letter C

This week we were learning about the letter C. Today we picked the carrots we planted last term. They were yummy and delicious and crunchy.