Friday, 3 June 2016

Our Waitangi trip writing.

I did like my Dad. I was the next boss and I was surprised when we went to Waitangi.
By Te Hauata

I was at Te Hauata's Dad's whare. I put my hand up and then I said "do the maori designs and people of the maori designs come to life at night time?" Te Hauata's Dad said "that was a very good question." Te Hauata's Dad said they are alive in the daytime because we feel them.
By Noah

I liked Te Hauata's whare and it was fun. I saw big, giant designs. Te Hauata's Dad gave us a big talk.
By Palin

I was happy when I was at the whare. I liked the red carpet. We learnt about maori carvings.
By Tiiria

We were quiet in the marae.
By Anika

I liked the whare. I liked the designs. They were maori designs.
By Mikaira

I liked the whare. I It was cool and Te Hauata's Dad talks cool.

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  1. Kia ora Room 0. It is good to read your writing about going to Waitangi. Why do whare having carvings?