Monday, 8 April 2019

Trip to Auckland Zoo

Zoo Trip

On Friday the 5th of April Te Awa and Te Moana classes went to Auckland Zoo. Here are our photos and writing.

I went to the zoo with my Mum and my class to look at the zebra and spider and crocodile. The crocodile looked like a rock. It had one eye open.
By Cora-Rose

I liked the zebra because I have a zebra jumper and it is mine and it is cosy. We saw a baby zebra and it was cute.
By Ilha

I liked the zebra because it is really my favourite zoo animal. The baby zebra is cute. The Mummy zebra was tall and it eats hay.
By Ohana

I went to the zoo and I saw a baby tortoise. He was pretty and he was tiny as and he was a boy.
By Matiu
I like the flamingos and they were cute. There was a duck living with the flamingos.
By Hunter

I liked the baby penguin because they were very cute. They were standing up and eating fish, special fish.
By Nikau

Me and Nikau went to the zoo because we wanted to see the rhinoceros. There were two. They were eating hay. The rhinoceros usually live in Africa.
By George

I saw the cheetah at the zoo. It was eating fast. I saw a lion and I saw a kiwi and I saw a penguin. The penguins were still.
By Reign

I like the cheetah. It was lying in the grass, it was lying down. I heard the baby penguins. It was fun seeing the baby penguins, they were cute.
By Kenzie

We watched the lions. They were sleeping. The tiger was also sleeping, then I was saying "wake up lion, wake up". But they were lazy.
By Aayush