Thursday, 13 December 2018

Buddy writing

Buddy Writing with Te Maunga Class
Te Maunga students came to help us publish our Christmas Parade stories on their chrome books.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Paihia Christmas Parade

This year the theme for our parade float was the twelve days of Christmas Paihia style.
Te Awa was on the truck. Our costume was to look like we were at the beach "and a sandcastle on a summers day".
 Excited to get onto the truck. George and Aria.

 Auyush, Ohana, Cora-Rose, Anaya and Michael.

 Our fabulous float.

 Dallas, Litia, Ilha and Sam.

 Aria, Hunter, Michael and Litia.

 Aayush, Ohana, Cora-Rose, Anaya.

On Friday on the Christmas parade I liked wearing my togs.I liked being on the truck. I liked seeing my Mum, Dad and Jack my big brother. I liked going to the Christmas parade.I liked Mrs Lindsay on the sandcastle. BY Cora

On Friday Paihia school went to the Christmas parade . I liked the Christmas parade because it was fun & because I was on the truck all the way.   BY Ilha

I like the truck because  it was fun. The truck moved, we sat down & waved & we got to smile. BY Aria

I like it when we were waiting because I was playing with the ball. When we were on the Christmas float we had marshmallows, cookies and chocolate eggs. When we were driving I saw my sister with her countdown shirt and my sister's friend laughing. By Litia

I really like the giant sandcastle on the huge truck. When we were moving I was really happy because I liked how the truck looked. On the parade Miss Simmonds was taking photos of me. 
By Ariana

On Friday Paihia school and I had a Christmas parade along in town. I liked waving to the people to make them give me a beautiful smile. My favorite  thing was holding a pretend ice cream with all my friends. By Anaya.

I like being on the truck and I like staying with my mum on the truck. I like the Christmas parade & I like waving , I also like riding with everybody. I like being in my togs. I really like riding on the truck. I like siting on the stairs. By Michael

I like the Christmas parade because, I like being in my tog's all the way. I saw a lot of people, and I smiled and waved at them. I saw my Dad at I waved at my Daddy and I gave him a high five. I saw Mrs Lindsay on a high sandcastle chucking lollies at people. When we got back we had a lolly scramble.  By Hunter

On Friday Paihia school and I had a Christmas parade along in town. Also the big kids had to walk, and the little kids got to go on the back of a huge truck. My favourite thing I got to do is to wave and hold a pretend ice cream. By Ohana.