Monday, 22 August 2016

Buddy Reading with Room 4

Every Monday and Tuesday our Buddy Readers listen to us read our books. We love listening to our older buddies read their books fluently to us. Sometimes our buddies even write stories to share with us. They are very good readers and writers as well as listeners.

Buddy writing with Room Four about bird feeders.

Buddy  Writing with Room Zero
As well as Buddy reading we also wrote some stories with our Buddies in Room Zero as part of our teina / tuakana relationship with our younger buddies.

We put string on the pine cone, then we put white fat all over it. We got sticky and then we put peanut butter on before we put our bird seeds on it.   Mikaira and Vinnie

Today Room Zero made bird feeders to feed the hungry birds outside. They like our bird feeder better than the seeds on the tree. It was good fun.
Lucas and Jack

We have to put the string on the bird feeder. We had to put the bird seeds on a pinecone. First we put white fat all over the cone. So we could put peanut butter before we put the seeds all over it.
By Manaaki and Liam

We liked it when we made bird feeders because it was fun. It was a beautiful day to make the bird feeders because the birds were hungry.

By Mikaila and Anika
We put string on our pinecone today so then we put fat on our pinecone. We got sticky hands from the fat and then we put some peanut butter on the pinecone. Lastly we put the bird seeds on our pinecones.
Harlem and Noah

1. We put a long string onto the hard pinecone.
2. We put the squishy white fat on the cone.
3. We rolled it with peanut butter all over.
4. Last we spread bird seeds on it
By Shivan and Josh
We put string on the pinecone. The pinecone had peanut butter put on it. The peanut butter was covered with bird seed and dried before we put it outside.
Kingston and Palin
We tied the string to the pinecone and we pushed the white fat all over it. We then rolled the pinecone in the peanut butter then in the bird seed.We put the bird feeder on the paper to dry.
Molly and Jade
My brother made a birdfeeder. He likes looking at the birds eating the seeds on it. The like the fat, peanut butter and seeds. They were hungry.
Arohaina and Takiri
Today Jeziah made a birdfeeder. First I used some ingredients. I put some string through the pine cone. We put white fat on the pinecone that was icky, yicky, sticky fat. Then we put some peanut butter on the birdseed. It was sticky and we put some bird food on it. I like working with my buddy Mere.
By Mere and Jeziah
We put string on a pinecone then we put fat on it. We put peanut butter all over it. We finished by putting bird feed on it.
By Te Hauata and Dale