Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother's Day Cards

We are learning to write Mother's Day cards.

Te Hauata


Mum was happy when it was Mother's Day. I gave Mum a card and a necklace.
By Palin

I ran to my Mum's bed. I jumped on her bed and I gave her the card and the necklace. She said "thank you Noah".
By Noah

Mum squeezed and squeezed me and kissed me, when I gave her a necklace.
By Shivam

                     Takiri                                                   Mikaira



  1. Kia ora Room 0. I enjoyed reading your writing and seeing what you made for Mother's Day. Well done. I hope your mum had a good day.

  2. Thank you Mrs Lindsay
    Yes, our Mum's did have a good day.

  3. Well done Room 0. I'm sure your Mum's are so proud of you.

  4. Good on you (Noah, Palin, Shivam, Takiri, Te Hauata. Mikaira and Tiiria) your mums are so lucky to have you in their lives